Kira Techatanalai, MSW, LISW

kira techatanali

Kira is deeply grateful to help others on their healing journey to discover clarity, inner strength & peace within. She loves working with clients to create their own life of fulfillment & joy. She serves as a guide in exploring & embodying the values that matter most to her clients. She shares ways of navigating past wounds & emotions that open a new path to move forward.

In therapy, Kira encourages balanced perspectives & processing experiences with compassion, acceptance & validation. This relieves suffering & frees clients to embrace themselves wholeheartedly with more love & confidence. She reveals ways to shift out of old patterns & cycles; Empowering clients to be more present & transform their life in alignment with intention & purpose.

Kira believes mindfulness is a superpower, which she harnesses to build a safe space for profound healing & getting unstuck from difficult thoughts & emotions. Throughout her 10 years as a therapist, she has been honored to help numerous people see their worth, values & ability to use practical skills to overcome everyday human challenges.

Kira received her Masters in Social Work, with a minor in Behavioral Neuroscience at OSU in 2013. She spent many years of her career improving mental health for Veterans at the VA. Over recent years, she has enjoyed working in private practice with young adults & adults experiencing various conditions. She is proficient in helping folks find balance & overcome anxiety, depression, sleep problems, PTSD, relationship distress, low self-esteem & life transitions.

She uniquely offers services such as teaching & guiding meditation practice, mindfulness coaching, as well as outdoor walk & talk therapy. Her expertise is rooted in evidence-based treatments such as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Healing, Dialectical & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is flexible in her therapeutic approach & customizes sessions based upon a mutual agreement of what best suits her client’s needs & desires.