Sunlighten Sauna

Restore | Revitalize | Renew.

Sunlighten Sauna

Infrared is nature’s healing light. Its healthy wavelengths deliver a gentle nudge to cells which stimulates plants to grow, cells to release toxins, and helps people feel better, do more, and live fully.

Sunlighten’s patented Solocarbon heating technology delivers the highest quality and quantity infrared energy on the market.


Sweat out the toxins. Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health by helping to eliminate toxic heavy metals, drug residues, and hormone disruptors. with the deepest penetration, sunlighten saunas’ infrared helps increase blood flow and perspiration. 

Detox from a SunlightenTM sauna is 7 to 10 times greater than a conventional sauna. In a conventional sauna, the average person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water. In a Sunlighten sauna, the average person sweats out 20% toxins and 80% water!

Increase metabolism and burn fat. Increasing core body heat increases calorie burn, similar to exercise. Burn up to 600 calories in 20-30 minutes. Infrared saunas also help with the elimination of toxins that cause fat storage. Research also shows that regular sessions can eliminate body fat - an average of 4% over a 12 week period. 

Improve heart health. Infrared therapy can help your heart work better by exercising the heart, temporarily reducing blood pressure, and improving circulation.

Reverse aging and renew skin. The near-infrared LEDs have been shown to increase collagen and elastin, improving overall skin appearance. Increased circulation also contributes to faster cell regeneration, which helps with the appearance of scars. Regular use may also help reduce cellulite trapped beneath the skin.

Heating the body from the inside can improve the function of the immune system just like a fever can. Therefore, regular Sunlighten sauna use can help reduce the incidences of cold and flu or help you recover faster from illness.

Repair muscles faster. Many professional athletes use Sunlighten saunas to recover from their training and injuries. Infrared helps deliver more oxygen to cells for faster repair and pain relief.