Bio-Resonance Therapy

A non-invasive therapy using the natural energic frequecies of the body. Almost any condition will benefit from this therapy. The true underlying causes of chronic and degenerative conditions can often be addressed with this type of therapy.

Bio-Resonance Therapy

Our bodies are under a lot of strain every day and are constantly fighting things like pollution, pesticides, chemicals, free radicals, etc that go into and onto our bodies. This creates a large toxic load and inflammation that contributes to disease.

Everything in the world has its own natural frequency. The bio-resonance machine was designed to detect the natural frequency of bacteria, viruses, or unhealthy cells, and match them. Think of the opera singer and the wine glassā€¦ this machine releases specific sound waves to target unhealthy cells and causes them to undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death). It does not affect normal, healthy cells.

While relaxing comfortably in our private therapy room, sound waves outside the range of human hearing are introduced through the body painlessly to single out and target only those things we are working on, leaving healthy cells and tissues unaffected.

Sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or a full hour and many different issues can be worked on in a single session such as inflammation, toxin elimination, liver and kidney support, immune boosting, lymphatic system cleansing, chronic conditions and auto-immune disorders.


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